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Experience Certificate Format

What is the format of an experience certificate?

Experience Certificate is a written report/document that is given to the employee upon the completion of his/her job that verifies the employee’s experience in a company or organization.

Experience Certificate gives a clear understanding of an employee’s past designation, functions and related knowledge with respect to his/her prior employment. Moreover, in several cases, a new company would ask the applicant to take and submit an experience certificate from the previous company to verify past designations and duration of employment.

What are the contents of an Experience Certificate?

There are no difficulties related to particular experience letter format. However, a good experience certificate must include the following details:

  • Date of issue of the letter.

  • A particular recipient. Experience certificate can also be given to “Whomsoever it may concern”.

  • Employee name or signature.

  • Role/Title/Designation

  • Additionally, work information with necessary functionality of that role.

  • Date of Joining and Date of Resignation.

  • Any other important employment features.

  • Further, wishing employee success for future endeavours.

  • Name, signature and seal and permission of the company.

How to write a company experience letter

You can think of a company or organisation experience letter as a smaller version of a reference letter. Additionally, follow the below steps while writing a company experience letter:

  1. Use company/business letterhead

  2. Include the date of issuance

  3. Write a salutation

  4. Enter the employee’s full name

  5. Additionally, include the employee’s title or designation

  6. Include your company’s title or name

  7. State the employee’s duration or time of employment with your company

  8. Describe the employee

  9. Further, write a positive comment and statement about the employee’s future to close the letter

  10. Include a signature line

Hence, the Experience Letter will assist and help you with your future references and will back up your resume for later job search as well. This letter not only incorporates your name or position but it also covers some other essential details concerning your employment.

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