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Obtain Shop & Establishment License!

Leave your compliance to us and focus more on your dream business!

Shop & Est. License

Rs.4999/- only

Most of the businesses in India including shops, restaurants, theatre, other commercial  places etc.; are regulated under the provisions of the Shop and Establishment Act. The shop and establishment registration falls under the state regulation, and a business needs to obtain this registration from its respective state government’s labor department.

Shop & Establishment Registration 

INR 4999/- 

  • Application for Registration

  • Follow-up for Documentation 

  • Expert Assistance

  • Draft of Annexure A & B

 Documents Required 

1.  PAN, Adhar, Photograph, Incorporation Document

2.  Rent Agreement, NOC from owner, Electricity Bill

3.  Photo of the Shop, Annexure A & B

4. Mandatory Registration Certificate

Only 3 steps to follow

Email all the documents 

as per checklist

We draft & file the documents required

Once approved, license is issued within 15 days

What is Shop & Establishment License Act? 

The Shop and Establishment License is issued to the business, trade, professions registered under the Shop and Establishment Act. Further, all the rules and regulations of the Act are governed by the Department of Labor that not only regulates commercial establishments but also keep a check on the working of charitable trusts, societies, educational institutes and other premises such as banking, stock exchanges, insurance companies, share brokerages, etc.

Both organized and unorganized sectors are regulated under this act that makes sure appropriate working conditions are provided to the labors. The rules and regulations formed under this Act vary from state to state but the primary goal remains the same. Therefore, the establishment that has to obtain the license has to file an online application concerning his state official portal.

Regulations under the Act

Establishment Registration Mandatory for all

Enrollment is an unquestionable requirement for all foundations and business people, including owners working and maintaining a business from their homes. An enlistment, for example, proves to be useful when the proprietor wants to apply for a loan, or create a current bank account.


Work From Home

Owners who wish to maintain their business or foundation from home can do as such without having a physical store. Nevertheless, such business additionally requires this enlistment.

Benefits of Obtaining License
  • Provides legal recognition to the respective establishment/shop

  • It is a basic license that can be helpful in further registrations

  • Work as a business proof when you apply for further registrations in India

  • The registration becomes mandatory for reasons like opening a bank account in the name of establishment/shop

  • Helpful in raising investments through loans or venture capitals for the proposed business establishment

Documents Required
  • Passport size photo, Aadhar card, PAN of the Applicant / Authorised Signatory

  • Photo of the shop/establishment showing shop name

  • List of management employees and directors, if applicable

  • Details of employees, their duration, wages, no. of working days in a year

  • Address proof of establishment - Rent agreement, NOC, Utility bill

  • Annexure A & B to be shared with the applicant


Additional Documents:

  • Partnership Firm - Partnership Deed

  • Private Ltd. Co. - MoA & AoA, Certificate of Incorporation

  • This registration can be applied through the website-

  • Create your Profile to apply for registration and Login to the portal

  • Apply for Shop & Establishment Registration

  • Fill the Application Form & Upload supporting documents

  • Submit the form along with prescribed fees 

  • The officer will provide the Shop license after verifying the application

  • Officer may visit the place where shop and establishment located if required

  • Application for registration has to be submitted within 30 days of starting the business.

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