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Protect your Brand

& Logo!

Get Trademark in just 24 hours!!

Trademark Registration

Rs.1999/-  +Govt. Fees only

Don't let your competitors steal your creativity! Protect your brand, logo & symbol with Trademark registration.

Trademark Registration - Individual / MSME / Organisation INR 1999/- + Govt. Fees

  • Application for Registration

  • Follow-up for Documentation 

  • Additional Govt. Fees to be paid

  • Excludes Objection / Opposition

  • Expert Assistance

 Documents Required 
1.  Copy of Logo or Brand name with Letterhead
2.  PAN, Aadhar card of Individual / Organisation' PAN
3.  Address Proof of Individual / MSME / Organisation
4.  MSME / Incorporation Certificate

Only 3 steps to follow

Email all the documents 

as per checklist

We draft & file the documents required

Once approved, license is issued within 15 days

What is Trademark? 

trademark can be defined as the unique identity that makes your product or service stand out from the rest. The unique identity or expression can be a logo, photograph, slogan, word, sound, smell, colour combination or graphics. Most of the businesses usually look for registration of logo or name only. If you have come up with a unique idea or logo, then the only way to protect it as your own unique identity is to register it as a trademark. A registered trademark is your business’s intellectual property or intangible asset. It acts as a protective cover of the company’s investment made in the logo or brand.

A trademark application can be done by private firms, individuals, companies, LLP’s, or NGO’s. In the case of NGOs, LLP’s or companies, the trademark has to be applied for registration in the name of the concerned business.

What can be Trademarked?

The process of brand trademark registration in India is now possible and convenient such that you can trademark any one of the below things or even a combination of the following:

  • Letter

  • Word

  • Number

  • Phrase

  • Graphics

  • Logo

  • Sound Mark

  • Smell or a mix of colors

Benefits of Trademark Registration
  • Trademark is a unique symbol or sign which may be a label or numeral or combination of colors for identification of your goods or services.

  • Trademark enables you and a third party to distinguish your products and services from those belonging to your competitor. However, it would be helpful to keep in mind that geographical names, common names, common trade words and common abbreviation cannot be registered as a trademark. Apart from being unique, a Trademark should be easy to use, make your products marketable and create brand recognition for your products.

  • Product differentiation: Trademark registrations are distinct to the goods or services they represent. Trademark will enable differentiation of your product as against the products of your competitors. Also, since trademark registration will be valid for the entire class of goods or services so represented, it will help in distinctly identifying your products. Customers uniquely identify products carrying different trademark, thus creating a customer base for your product.

  • Brand recognition: Customers associate a product’s performance, quality, features, and so on with the company making such products. They identify the product generally by the logo, which would be a registered trademark. Trademark registration facilitates brand recognition for your goods and services. It also creates goodwill associated with the brand. Thus, your brand is recognised as well as carries a market value over time. Brand recognition welcomes new customers while retaining loyal customers.

  • Creation of an asset: Trademark registration creates an asset for a business enterprise. Trademark is recognised as an intangible asset for accounting and income tax purposes. Trademarks are intellectual property and carry a value associated with the products they represent. Trademarks can be sold, franchised, assigned or commercially exploited in any other manner. You can recognise the value or cost associated with trademarks in the books of accounts, and also claim a deduction for depreciation and recognise income from the same.

Documents Required
  • PAN card of the individual or company

  • Copy of the Address Proof (Driving license/Aadhar/Voter ID)

  • Incorporation certificate/Partnership deed

  • Brand name/ slogan/ Letterhead with logo, Business objectives

  • Address proof (Electricity bill/rent agreement/sale deed of the office location


Registration of a trademark is done by the registry of the trademarks. When you plan on registering a trademark there are a few steps involved.

Choosing a trademark: 

  • Remember to choose a unique and distinctive mark it will represent your company. The other important point is identifying which class you belong to. Currently, there are 45 classes of goods and services under which the trademark can be registered. Classes 1-34 are for goods and classes 35-45 are for service.

Mark search:

  • Once you have chosen your mark it is advisable to conduct a search to check whether your chosen mark is similar to an already registered mark. You can either do this yourself by going to the online website of the Controller general of patents, designs and trademarks. On the website, you can find an option to do a public search. Once click on this option you need to choose your class and search the online database.

  • The other option is to get legal services, although you will have to pay for it is the safer option.
    Overall legal services will cost lesser in case your trademark is objected against. Not only will they do the search they will also help you with the whole process.

Filing application:

There are two options you can take while filing for a trademark

  • File for a trademark under “one” class- Meaning the trademark will be registered only for the specific class that you have chosen. In this case, you have to fill in form TM-1. The fee payable for the filing of form TM-1 is rupees 4,500. 

  • File for multiple classes or series trademark, or collective trademark- For this, you have to fill in form TM-A. This form allows you to register the trademark beyond one class. Filing of this form has two separate cost brackets:

Rupees 9,000 or rupees 10,000

  • If you are not a start-up, small enterprise or an individual you will fall under this bracket. You have to pay rupees 9,000 for e-filing of the from or rupees 10,000 if you file the form in person.

Rupees 4,500 or rupees 5,000

  • If you are an individual, small enterprise or a start-up then you fall under this bracket. Rupees 4,500 is the charge for e-filing of the form or rupees 5,000 if you file the form physically.

  • While filling the form make sure not to make any mistakes, this may lead to delays or even rejection of the application. You have to fill in all the details and also add a picture of the trademark with the dimensions of 9 by 5 cms. You may be required to attach five duplicates of the same. The full file must be then submitted with two duplicates when filing.

  • You can file it online or by yourself or by an agent, whichever is convenient for you. Confirmation of filing will be done immediately if done online, if done physically it may take to 15-20 days.

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