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How To Attach A Car With Ola Cabs To Start The Business?

Again the Covid cases are surging in India. This might lead to strict lockdown in a country. Few states have already placed restriction on non-essential activities. This can result in losing employment, financial crunches, etc.

You know driving and want to earn some money?

Do you have a vehicle and you want it to be used for a commercial purpose?

Then Ola Cabs is the answer. These are extremely preferred by the people for the transportation facilities in a town or city. It is easy to install the app and book a ride. The users of Ola Cabs are increasing day by day. Let us have a glance at some of the important aspects

How to register your car with Ola

  1. First, you need a car in good condition and driver who possess a commercial license

  2. You have to reach your nearest regional office or you can immediately call the main branch for new enrollment of your car.

  3. Additionally, submit your identity proof, vehicle documents, driver identity proof and commercial license.

  4. Further, you need a smartphone including an ola app on it.

  5. Likewise, the ola company or team will see your car position or condition in your nearest regional office.

  6. Additionally, start a current bank account

  7. Follow guidelines and suggestions.

  8. Similarly, now you can manage your Ola Cabs in your town or city.

What are the types of cabs available in Ola?

Some of the types of cabs allowed by Ola are:

  • Ola Mini

  • Ola Share

  • Ola Micro

  • Ola Autos (Auto Rickshaw)

  • Ola Rentals (Rent a car)

  • Ola luxury

  • Ola Shuttle

  • Ola Prime (Sedan, Play, SUV)

What are the basic documents required for registering the car with Ola?

  1. Aadhaar Card

  2. Bank account passbook for account verification

  3. PAN (Permanent Account Number)

  4. Further, address proof

  5. Vehicle permit

  6. Car’s insurance

  7. Vehicle RC (Registration Certificate)

  8. Hence, driving license

How to make online registration to connect the cab with Ola

Initially, the driving person has to register or sign up with the Ola Cabs official website. Further, follow the below steps to enroll through the online process:

  1. Go to the Ola official website partner page.

  2. Additionally, full up your essential and basic details in the registration form.

  3. Moreover, the Ola team will call you in the next 24 hours

  4. Now, contact the concerned person for the legal documents or enrollment like Gumasta License or firm registration or current bank account opening etc.

How much money or profit does Ola Cabs make?

On finishing a single drive, and ola company use only 10% of payment on the entire cost of a bill which will be determined by the ola app. Moreover, ola also give bonuses which give down below:

Peak hour timing: (7 am to 12:30 pm and 5 pm to 11 pm is recognized as peak hours)

  • Bonus On-Peak Hours – Whenever you make any ride on peak or busy hours then you will be given 250 INR to your bank account as a reward or bonus and it depends on you how much you complete ride on-peak hours. Additionally, for every ride 250 INR as a bonus on-peak hours.

  • Bonuses and rewards on airport drop – Whenever you drop a customer any passenger to an airport then you will be given 800 INR to your account.

  • Therefore, rewards or bonuses on 12 ride finishes – Whenever you make 12 rides in a particular day then you will receive 4500 INR bonus in your account.

Why prefer Ola Cabs to attach to the car?

  • Ola is India’s most extensive cab booking app with more than 3,50,000 driver-partners.

  • Moreover, a driving person can earn up to Rs. 1,00,000 per month.

  • 24*7 driver assistance and support

  • Further, work as per your preference

  • Moreover, payment settlement every day

  • Additionally, direct payment receipt

  • 102+ cities with 3.5 lakhs cabs

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